Ampl-Firebox Presets not saving properly

Discussion in 'Support & Bug Reporting' started by Sascha Franck, Jun 28, 2018.

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    I have no idea what exactly should be stored within a preset, but my (not all that wild) guess would be it's the parameters not accessible from the hardware. Namely pretty much everything but the amp controls.
    But that's just not working. I just did a few tests and pretty much no settings are saved as they should be.
    In a nutshell, due to this it's not possible to transfer presets 1:1.

    Fwiw, it's pretty strange the editor says "receiving" when using the "Export Preset" function and "saving" when using "Import Preset" - the dialog boxes coming up however are appropriate save/load dialogs.
    Fwiw, this is under Win 7 running under Virtual Box - but as that setup is working flawlessly otherwise, I don't think it's related to the problem (will possibly re-check under OSX High Sierra at another point in time).

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