Amplifire vs. Boutique Tube Amp

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Which is the real tube amplifier?

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    I am a recent convert to the Amplifire. Having been using boutique tube amps for a long time and the Kemper Profiler for the past couple years, I figured if the Amplifire did what I needed it to do, I could sell my Kemper and come out ahead of the game financially. Well I must say, I am totally blown away by the Amplifire. It really is as good as it gets IMHO. I was thinking of doing some sort of video comparing the Amplifire to the Kemper but then figured why not just see if I could dial it in to come as close to my boutique tube amp as possible. I threw together this little video as a blind test to get others involved and see what opinions other listeners have without knowing which amp they are listening to.

    A little background on how I did this. I recorded the real amp tracks and then captured a custom cabinet impulse response of the same speaker and recording chain and then loaded it into the Amplifire. That way, I figured, it would be a little more of a fair fight as both recorded sounds would be theoretically using the same speaker cabinet, making it much easier to match the tones a little closer. I also matched the volume levels within 0.1db so that volume discrepancy wouldn't be a problem as it is in a lot of comparison videos.

    I am not professing that these examples sound identical in any way. I was actually just trying to see if I could dial in a tone that competed in any way with my favorite boutique tube amp. I figured it would be a real tip of the hat to the Amplifire if I could even get it close to the real amp, which costs many times more. It really didn't take long for me to get things sounding rather close and perfectly acceptable if I was to have to either record or perform live with the Amplifire. I am sure if I was to take a little more time I could get it even closer, but I really feel like that would be a waste of time as I was able to get it sounding perfectly acceptable in very short order.

    So I figured I would post this and get some feedback, mostly for my own curiosity, as to which one people feel is the real amplifier. Once I get enough responses I will do a reveal video for which is which. Feel free to come by and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are so inclined. Thanks for taking the time to listen!

    Jason Sadites

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