FS Atomic Amplifire 12 - Brand New/Mint w/ MBritt Profiles

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Voz, Jan 2, 2017.

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    I was on the waiting list for this and finally received it on Dec. 2nd! It is Brand new mint condition with original box and paperwork, and comes with the purchased MBritt profiles! I do like it but the direct stuff just isn't for me and it just won't get used, due to having original AA! I'm past the 15 Day Return period with Atomic so, I figured I'd try to sell it here before going to Reverb or eBay!
    Being brand new/mint, and with the purchased MBritt profiles, I am selling for $785.00 shipped in lower 48 U.S. ONLY!
    Shoot me a message if you want it!
    I'll do PayPal only!
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