FS Atomic AmpliFire 6

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    Atomic AmpliFire 6 amp modeling and multi-fx guitar processing. If you're on this site, you probably already know that the amp models are at least as good as the Helix and Ax-FX and in my view, better!

    The unit comes with the Singtall and Fremen superpacks of presets as well as a range of IR's that can be loaded onto any preset. Many are already loaded onto the unit but I will also email you the entire packs so that you have them all.

    The unit is remarkably small for what it offers and can be used entirely on its own or you can add a midi controller to change presets, allowing all six onboard buttons to be used for changing effects. I'm also selling a Tech 21 Midi-Mouse and a dual expression pedal if you're interested. I'm happy to look at a package deal for the lot.

    The unit is in perfect working order and is just like new as it has been housed on a pedalboard case its whole life. I'm only selling because I'll be living in Malaysia for the next two years and I'm not taking any of my electric guitar gear with me. The unit is in the UK and I am happy to arrange postage or you could collect in Gainsborough.


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