CLR cracked a few times then a LOUD pop then silence.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Steven Sarno, Aug 26, 2018.

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    Title SHOULD READ "CLR Crackled..."

    Update 08/27/18: powered on the CLR and after 20 minutes or so another VERY loud snap/pop/crack what ever you want to call it, then nothing. Seemed like highs were missing during the short time I played thru it.


    Happened last night as I was listening to some music thru the CLR connected to an AxeFxIII at low volume. Started hearing a random low crackle sound then a loud crack/pop sound, then silence. I turned off/unplugged the CLR power and left it alone. No storms or power surges here. It is plugged into a good surge protector.

    Today I turned the CLR on and have sound. What could have happened? Had to cause some damage I'm thinking as it was a pretty sever noise. Is there a way to test if I blew the tweeter maybe or something? I don't know it's hard to tell.

    I have another CLR that died recently, just no sound one day. I'm pretty bummed. Nothing else sounds better to me than the CLRs! I've had Atomics since the 2010 versions but I also had to send both of them back for repair which Tom was great about fixing.

    Can you help me out, please?

    Steve S.
    (H3O2 on Fractal forum)
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