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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Njcr9, Mar 29, 2021.

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    Hi All,

    Just had a quick question around the the Amplifire's MIDI integration with other units.

    In the past I've used a Line6 POD HD500X to control what amp channel to select on my Blackstar 45 (i.e. Preset 1 on bank 1 is set to the overdrive channel, Preset 2 on the Lead channel etc.). It was just a matter of holding the channel switch down on the amp til the light blinks then saving the patch on the POD. The POD now "remembers" what channel I was using when I saved that preset - very simple.

    I'd love to do the same thing with a midi enabled reverb pedal in the effects loop (big complex reverbs are used a lot in contemporary worship music so I'd love to get similar bigness and textures to use at church).

    I've researched some good candidates that have MIDI (revelation, empress, source audio). Does anyone have any experience doing the same? Not necessarily with reverb, it could be any other type of effect, just wanted to know if you it's as simple as my amp channel example or you have to map patches to specific presets on your pedal using unique midi channels etc.

    I'm *this close* to pulling the trigger on an AA12 but just wanted to know if this functionality had an easy learning curve.

    P.S. Having looked at a few threads I'm beginning to see the appeal of the unit and why it has such a following despite having a slow roll out of updates. In a market where products have to be everything to everyone it's cool to see one play to their strengths and kind of own what they are. I'm really interested to see what direction the company goes next.

    P.P.S If you have any recommendations for reverb pedals with MIDI that would be great to hear also
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    When you select a preset on the AA6 or AA12,(say preset 60) it will send a MIDI program change of 60
    to the MIDI output on the MIDI channel that is selected in the GLOBAL parameters.
    If your reverb pedal is set to the same MIDI channel and is set up to receive MIDI program changes,
    your reverb pedal will also select preset 60.

    Some good pedals to look at would be the Strymon Big Sky, Boss RV500 or the Eventide Space Reverb.
  3. Psychotronic

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    Although my midi implementation and usage differs from what you're looking to do, I can tell you that when I started using midi with my AA12, it worked flawlessly with almost no setup.

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