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    I created these presets to use for my regular Sunday P&W gig. I wanted to create some amp tones that sounded good in the room through the PA , responded well to external effect pedals, and gave me flexibility to cover most of the stuff we play.

    The preset is based on the D Luxe amp with the matching cabinet IR. Built around an Ibanez RG and a Les Paul, using a Mackie SRM 550 as a FRFR speaker at home for practice and a Tannoy QFLEX system at the church.

    All of the presets use a subtle slapback delay to add fullness to the sound. I also use a bit of plate reverb. I don't like to use a lot of reverb as I think it takes clarity and definition away from the guitar in the mix. There is just enough to give it the amp in the room sound. I also use compression to blend it all together - again, this is subtle - just enough to smooth things out but not be overwhelming.

    There are four presets:
    Clean: Not much to explain. Clean tone.
    Drive: This is the amp at the edge of breakup setting. It will clean up if you pull the guitar volume back or lighten up the pick attack. A bit more roll-off of the highs to prevent fizziness. Clean and Drive are both based on amp gain settings only. No additional boosts or distortions.
    Overdrive: This adds in an overdrive in the boost section. Damping is increased so it doesn't sound flubby (I don't know if that's a real word or not). Some lows are rolled off to prevent muddiness.
    Distortion: I'm not a high gain style player, so this is about as distorted as I get. This adds distortion in the boost section, rolls off highs to remove the ice pick shrill sounds, and lessens the studio compression as distortion is already inherently compressed.

    One of the things I want to do in the near future is create PQ and GEQ blocks that can be turned on or off to account for tonal differences in my guitars.

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