Using Roland FC50 with the AA3

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    Hi Guitar User, I don't know how to reply to a post on my profile, so I have started a thread

    The FC50 can be used to change presets on the AA3 (Program Change messages) and volume (by adding an expression pedal - e.g. Roland EV5). The FC50 can also be used to turn on/off effects (Control Change #). In order to do this you need to plug a footswitch/s (e.g. Boss FS6) into the FC50.
    In the Midi Section of the AA3, you assign effects to the predetermined FC50 CC# numbers. For example, the volume pedal in the FC50 is CC#7.
    Without an expression pedal or additional switches, the FC50 can only change presets on the AA3 (this it does very well).

    A 'no fuss' set up that gives volume pedal, 128 presets selectable & 3 effect 'on/offs' is:
    - FC50 for Preset changes
    - Roland EV5 for volume (plugged into the Expression pedal slot on the FC50 (CC#7) - Assign volume pedal to CC#7
    - Configure the three switches on the AA3 to toggle three effects (e.g. Overdrive, Chorus, Echo) on/off


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