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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by esmith747, Feb 11, 2019.

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    I’ve had the AA3 for about a month now (maybe longer, time is a construct...) and I’ve not been 100% confident in it.

    Played it last night at church and the other chap has a Deluxe Reverb. I was expecting issues and inadequate sound.

    Sound guy comes up and says - “we are blown away by your simulator. We A/B’d against the other guitar and the clean crispness of your sound is amazing. It sounds great.”

    So yeah...feeling good. Ran an amp factory AC30 that I’ve tweaked with a Weber Blue Dog IR.

    Also, +1 for a Korg Sdd3000 - the preamp is great.
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  2. slateboy

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    Dec 20, 2016
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    Sometimes we need a little confidence boost from comments like that.
    The majority of guitarists, in my experience, are not very forthcoming in giving other guitarists (or musicians) complements as their mindset is often "in what way am i better than..." the ego takes over, unfortunately. I've always found drummers to be the opposite- they chat and compliment each other more than guitarists, but i find the other end of the spectrum is vocalists!
    I had a similar thing too, recently, the sound-guy kind of frowned when he was ready to mic up and amp and i told him to stick his XLR into that little box on the floor (the AA) After the gig, he said he couldn't believe how much it sounded like a "real amp" mic'd up, and was solo-ing my channel in disbelief! Bring a smile to your face!

    Using a modelling device is a different experience in that you have no backline as such or what you hear is not just the amp but the effect of an amp mic'd up as is going out front to the audience. That can sometimes rock your confidence on your perception of whats being heard.
    Certainly coming from a sound-guy its a nice compliment and reassuring that the AA can deliver the goods to match any "real" amp.
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  3. wordlesspoet

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    +1 to both esmith747 and slateboy.

    I have repeatedly gotten compliments from our skeptical sound guys at church. Each time I learn more about the AF6 and interactions with IR's, tweak my patches with the new knowledge, and tailor them to a mix, I hear a new round of "Wow, that sounds really great!"

    Here is the real kicker and the reason for my post...the sounds guys expectations for what to expect were set up by POD HD, Helix, and Fractal AxeFX.
    Because of other modelers, they expected "Meh, it will work, but not a real amp".

    With Atomic/Studio Devil, they now expect great and are still amazed when it is better than that.
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  4. flcmcya

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    Dec 20, 2016
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    Kind of in the same boat......still trying to dial mine in, but getting much closer after fattening up the 65 and using expression for some heavy plate.....I can cover a lot of ground..
    I have around six different 65 presets wwith a couple using Screamer and Fuzz....
    Then threw in a SLO and Heavy Lead for shock value on 7/8! :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for the kind words guys!
    I'm glad you're getting such good results.

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