Where can I go to buy an Atomic product?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Francisco, May 25, 2017.

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    Hello people! I am Francisco. I live in Argentina. Sorry for the English language. My situation is: We are going on vacation for a week to New York in September. We were going to travel many places. So we're going to be very busy. We thought we would go to music stores but I did not find any store where I could try and buy an Atomic product (I searched the internet). I also do not know if I can buy online because we will be all the time outside the house / apartment. And it would surely be tedious for the Atomic people to coordinate with me to deliver a product to me. I am interested in having one of these products because in my country there are no manufacturers. There are only Taliban manufacturers of valvular amps (it's a joke) and stores that charge you a lot of money unlike the normal price (it's real).
    I tried to contact the company but there is no case. They must be very busy.

    If someone has some kind of solution or information that can give me ... Thank you!


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