A CLR sorta horror story... with a happy ending.

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    I've been using a CLR Neo wedge for gigs, for many years now. But once in awhile, it gets a workout as a speaker while I do work outside. I'll drag it outside and put on something loud when I need come inspiration while doing any kind of heavy outside work.

    Except, one day, I was bushed, and I left my CLR outside. For a week... during which it POURED for 2 days.

    When I finally realized what I'd done, I pulled it in. It was drenched. I contacted atomic for advice but never received a response, so, I took it totally apart, and left everything outside for 5 hot, sunny days.

    I was sure that even if the electronics still worked, the speaker would be shot.

    I have to tell you, after I put it back together and fired it up, not only did amp, switches, lamp etc. all work flawlessly, but I could not detect ANY difference in sound quality!

    It's pretty amazing.

    I've recently stripped down my rig (bye bye Axe-FX, Liquid Foot, PCM-70 and other rack gear, hello pedalboard with a Walrus ACS-1 amp/cab simulator). My old rig was stereo, but I always plugged left and right into the same CLR, having only one (but FOH got stereo). But now I want stereo! I can't wait for another one so that I can give folks true stereo when doing gigs with no reinforcement, just backline.
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