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    Hello all,

    I am very happy with the AAB.
    I use the AAB in A/B Mode and i like to share my presets with you.

    Clean : D-Luxe-Bman Cab-Spring Reverb-Boost-Slapback Delay.
    Drive : Friedman BE-Plexi Cab-Spring Reverb-Boost-Gate-Screamer-Eq-Normal Delay.

    You can see a photo with my Pedalboard too.

    I use the Mooer Envelope Filter,Mooer Blues Crab for gain in the clean channel or to boost the Drive channel and the Keeley Mod Workstation for 2 Modulations at the same time.
    Rockband Duo 2.0 Pedalboard and Rockboard cable patches,powered with the Strymon Ojai R30.

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