AmpliFire vs Neural DSP Archetype Nolly

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by oakcharles19, Sep 6, 2019.

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    I've owned my AF12 for 3 or 4 years now and it has been the best guitar related purchase I've ever made. I was able to get sounds from the start that I never could with real amps and gigging is so consistent. I constantly see the threads comparing the Atomic products wit the Axe, Helix, even the Kemper and I have never been able to really tell for myself if there is a real difference, because I don't own and don't need any of those units, the AF works great for me.

    That being said (sorry for the spam) I downloaded the free trial for the Neural DSP Archetype Nolly (software)... and... my goodness, it sounds amazing. The feel, richness, depth and clarity of the sounds is just there. I have never been able to dial sounds with my AF as easily and no commercial or free preset pack (M. Britt, Fremen, Singtall - which are all great) felt so good right from the start. There are two overdrive pedals in the DSP Nolly and they just take the four amps to a new level, which is something I don't feel with the overdrives in the AF. The ability to combine cab impulse responses and even change mic placement and use different mics with the cab IRs included with the software is just insane.

    Yesterday, I found myself A/B-ing AF presets that I have recorded with and used live for years against factory presets in the DSP Nolly and trying to get the AF to sound as good and rich. I am sure I am not the expert in dialing in sounds with the AmpliFire and a "good sound" is something very subjective, but now I am wondering if I haven't been able to squeeze all the potential out of the AF or if the DSP Nolly is simply superior.

    Those of you who are curious and try the DSP Nolly (it's a free 14 day trial, but you do need an iLok), let me know what you think. By the way, as I mentioned earlier, I am very satisfied with my AF and I am in no way bashing it, just wanna make sure I'm the weak link here.
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    the neural dsp plugins are pretty good. probably the best out of all the software modeling for guitar out there but they have very few models each and very few basic effects. the AF is a more all around solution. but besides that, personally, whenever i make a good sounding preset with a vst it always lacks something when compared to my AF sounds. the AF just seems more "alive" and inspiring to play through whenever i switch back to it. granted i have tweaked it for much longer than any vst but even on simple ones i cant find a tone to surpass the ones in the AF. i think it boils down to personal preference though. you should try some professionally made presets for the AF (like choptones' ones for ex or even the singtall ones from the atomic page, they're pretty good)

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