Buzzing/Fuzzy tones on every model.

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    Having a clippping/buzzing noise with my new (used) AFB. Like a blown speaker. See attached audio clip.
    Just purchased a used AFB off Reverb. High gain models sounded OK-ish, but harsh. When I tried to dial in some light crunch or edge of breakup tones is when I realized that there's a harsh clipping/buzzing sound in every model except the ultra clean ones. The clipping indicator is not lighting unless I crank the levels.

    What I've done so far:
    Loaded newest firmware
    Restored factory presets (as well as trying AFB Backup 1019)
    turned everything off except amp block
    tried different IRs, does it on or off. IR off is worse.
    tried the Level adjust procedure as laid out (clipping LED is not lighting)
    tried different power supplies, including a dedicated psu.
    tried headphones, monitors, amp return & PC interface. Same in all.
    Tried different guitars. The audio clip is a very low output humbucker.
    In a nutshell, I can't get rid of that blown speaker sound without adjusting levels to crystal clean.

    The sound sample is the AFB with Plexi block on & stock plexi IR (it's much worse with IR off). No other blocks are on. Signal chain: Guitar > AFB > Interface > Audacity. The clip sounds pretty much exactly like what I hear in headphones or monitors or amp cab.

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    What you're hearing is the modeled sound of the power amp crossover distortion.
    It's quite prevalent in the Bassman, Plexi and Rumble models.
    Again, this is how the actual amplifiers sound.
    Take a listen to the intro to Van Halen's Drop Dead Legs.
    You'll hear the same sound.


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