Frozen on startup

Discussion in 'Support & Bug Reporting' started by TomGuycot, Jun 30, 2021.

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    When I plug in the Amplifire 6, it just stays on the loading screen forever. This issue has happened once before, but it started working again. I had the latest firmware as of last week the last time the unit worked. I have unplugged and replugged it many times and waited long periods of time while it was plugged in. Connecting to a PC does nothing as it doesn't recognize the unit until it is fully on. Screenshot attached.

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    Sorry to hear that you're having an issue. This may be power supply related so it you have another 9-12v AC or DC supply that has at least 750mA (preferably 1A), give that a try. Also, even though the editor doesn't recognize the device you can still send a firmware update which may solve the problem. Goto file menu > update firmware and see what happens.

    If a new supply or updating firmware doesn't help, please send a message to our support@ address and we can further troubleshoot or make arrangements for you to send the unit in for repair.

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