My go-to setup for Atomic Firebox

Discussion in 'Preset Exchange' started by Igor Bobritskiy, Mar 23, 2020.

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    Hi everyone!

    Let me share with you my final go-to presets pack for Firebox.
    As you all know EQing and IR selection are the key elements for getting usable tones from unit. My quest for IRs went too long - I've read through too many forums and tries too many IRs and spent too much time tweaking instead of playing and making music...

    But finally I've found IRs that are perfect to my ears (with my home studio setup and 5'' JBL monitors). 2 thing that I was trying to achieve:
    - make sound not thin and harsh at top end
    - make sound not muddy with too much boom in bottom

    With Strat type guitar (Godin RG-3) now it sounds great. Roll back tone knob on guitar - it is a very sensitive tool for sound shaping. Typical knobs setup to start with:
    Bass, Mid, Treble - 12 o'cock
    Presence - 9
    Gain - 12
    Master - Full
    Reverb - 10
    Level - 15 o'clock

    Most of IRs are from Line6 PodXT collection.

    Let me know what you think and take care!

    P.S. you can hear Firebox in action on my band's recordings - search for IB MACHINE on Apple or Google Music.

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