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    Just thought I could share this.
    I'm using the AFB as the dirt channel on my live-board (clean duties are taken care of via an AMT Pangaea and an additional EQ).
    For a whole while I'm now using the Rumble Brite, something I'd never thought at first, especially as the "normal" tone of whatever Dumble-ish amp isn't anything I usually need (even if I usually love Dumble tones). In addition, the Rumble Brite has a tendency to get kinda muddy/squishy on the lower strings. To get rid of that I added a pre-EQ (I keep this on all the time), doing some highpass stuff. And to get rid of the rather huge midrange impact (which I love, but just to a certain extent), I mixed my own IR (I "shot" a bunch of baseline ones from my own cabs quite some moons ago).
    With my Tom Anderson, featuring a rather typical PAF style PU in bridge position and a Duncan mini HB in neck position, this is a good, versatile alround sound covering pretty much everything from chunky (git volume backed up) to solid rock. I add the clean boost for extra gain (it's the only thing I've assigned to the boost switch, something you might need to know).
    Note: While I "baked" this patch with my gig setup at volume, which means it's tailored to suit my live needs, it's working quite fine for me when recording, too.
    In the zip you'll find the preset, a picture of the AFB knobs as used on todays gig and the IR used separately, so you could easier load it into whatever other patches, should you like it (don't worry 'bout the IR name, it's just for my organization).

    Edit: Btw, one of the reasons for me to use the Dumble Brite is that the amps EQ section is more flexible than on most other models.
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