Opening new firmware with old editor

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by slateboy, Mar 17, 2018.

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    What is the expected result if the user plugs their AA into the PC/mac editor if the "old" editor attempts to connect to a device running "later" firmware?

    I have one unit on the older firmware and another on the latest, therefore both instances of the editor on my PC (yes- i'm in the process of upgrading and being careful to not mix them up) but i did accidentally open the latest firmware-loaded unit with the previous PC editor and it still appeared to edit parameters and not be aware that it was dealing with a "newer" AA device. However, there may be some issues i've not encountered yet.

    Aside from the obvious reply- "upgrade all and remove whats not needed" there may be some users with multiple AAs on different firmwares, for whatever reason, and consequently may need old and new editors on their PC/mac.

    Maybe there could be something in future editors that detects this to avoid any nasties.
    For now, what possible side-effects may happen- is there a risk of corrupting internal data or similar?

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